line play hack cheats

Line Play Hack – Unlimited Cash & Gems 2018

A lot of games are launched on App Store and Play Store every day, but every week makes it to Top 100, and even less makes it to your phone. But once you download them, you just want to own it, get on #1, beat all your friends in it, and let them know that you are the real deal. Now you are probably looking for line play hack because there is an intense competition going on between you and your friends, and you want to win, isn’t it correct? (well even if isn’t, let’s just jump to the line play cheats you are searching).

Line Play – Your Avatar World” was released in 2012, and has been downloaded by more than 30 million people even after five years of being released, it is still played by thousands of individuals every day(you had no idea? well, it’s a fact). This game is very addictive and fun to play, especially around teens. People spend a lot of money on this game to buy in-game items like gems and cash. Even I spent about 350$ on this game, crazy, isn’t it? But now I don’t. WHY? I found the BEST LINE PLAY HACK, which I use to generate UNLIMITED GEMS AND CASH, anytime I want.

Lemme ask you a simple question, How many friends have you made since you started playing “Line Play – Your Avatar World“? I have made tons of friends, all thanks to this game. Best thing, now I have friends all around the globe, cause this game is famous worldwide, and not just in America, or Asia. I bet you aren’t even reading anymore, and just trying to find the line play gem generator, no? Well, if you are reading, thanks, it means a lot, and for the people who just came here to find the hack, it’s  on my friend’s site, below is a BIG BUTTON shouting “ONLINE HACK”, click on it, you will reach my friend’s site, there will be another button, which will take you to the generator. I could link you to the generator directly, but where is the fun in that? xD (CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW, TO GO DIRECTLY TO MY FRIEND’S WEBSITE).

line play hack cheats


Owww, so we finally talking about hacks for line play, excited? Have a lot of questions about what you can do with this line play hack, and what you get, right? Here you go:-

  • Generate Unlimited Gems for Line Play.
  • Generate Unlimited Cash for Line Play.
  • Wait, that’s all you need in this game, and it will help you to do other stuff, no?
  • It’s SAFE.
  • You will stay 100% Anonymous.

That’s the things you can do with the generator. Now In case, you want to know every step you go through, watch the video below, or follow the instruction given above the video.

Steps to Follow to Generate Unlimited Line Play Gems:

  1. Visit my Friend’s website here and click on BIG ONLINE HACK Button.
  2. Enter your Nickname/Username.
  3. Select the platform you play the game on, iOS/Android etc.
  4. Enter the number of Gems and Cash you want (don’t be greedy, enter a low amount first).
  5. Enable ‘Proxy‘ and ‘Invisibility‘ to activate them (It keeps you safe).
  6. Click on the start button and wait for the machine to do the magic thing.

Depending on where you live, and other things, it might ask you to complete the simple human verification. Complete it, and your gems and cash and will be delivered within 6-12 hours.

Is this “Line Play Gem Generator” Safe?

Yeah, like I would be recommending it to you if it wasn’t safe. I used this hack more than a dozen times. If it wasn’t safe, I wouldn’t even touch it with a 10ft pole. I know that friend, he spent a month to make it, this hack is as secure as it can get. There is nothing more left to add, haha. Good work bro.

Any Alternative?

That’s a very good question, it happens to the best websites on the internet, they go down, sometimes due to a lot of traffic, sometimes due to none. Well, In case this hack receives no traffic and he decides to close the website, just leave me a message, and I will host it myself, on my website, for you guys to use. I bet he won’t shut it down after so much work, but you got me, I am your backup, nothing to worry about.

Line Play Cheats – FAQ’s

Ques 1) I completed the human verification (Last Step) 10 mins ago, I still don’t have my coins, when will I receive them?

Ans) It can take anywhere from 6 hours to 12 hours to credit them to your account. So if you completed the last step today, you will probably get them in a few hours, or in rare cases, by tomorrow.


Ques 2) Is it FREE?

Ans) The only reason people come here is to save their money, If anyone starts charging for something like this, I am gonna shut them down, haha. It’s 100% FREE to use, by anyone and at any time. You don’t have to pay a dime.


Ques 3) I play a few more games, for which I want hacks, Can you make?

Ans) I am not a coder, My Friend at is, I am sending you guys to his website, for a reason (to credit his work ofc). But I am sure, he will be more than happy to help you get hacks for other games. Just use the contact page on his website, and send him a message. Don’t forget to mention I sent you. He will do it as a favor to me. xD


There you go, Provided you a working Hack for Line Play, Answered the most frequently asked questions, told you why I am sending you to someone’s website, give you tips, explained how to use the hack, and what you can gain from the hack. Did I miss anything? If I did, Let me know. Contact me using my contact page. I’ll see you some other time.